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Full Version: Nokia Football Crazy Repeats. Do Catch it !
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14 Sep 2007 Friday 06:00 PM
15 Sep 2007 Saturday 01:00 AM
15 Sep 2007 Saturday 11:00 AM

These are the slots for the repeat telecast of Nokia Football Crazy featuring Manutdsg. Do catch if you're free. Big Grin If you gonna miss the repeats, simply put up a request and we can have it screen @ crabshack on one of the match days.

:cheer :cheer :cheer
Don't screen it please. I was awful!
so was i!!!
I was worst right having to be in all 4 cameras and you guys were happily laughing.. especially sheik haikel
Yeah me and Haikel just couldn't control ourselves. He kept nudging me to look at your head when Camera 4 was on. Oh man it was hilarious.
You guys n a pretty gal are famous dudes!!!! Its a proud moment for ManUtd SG club to saviour & pretty much a sense of u guys get the Ang Moh kid to join us for gatherings & footie trg??..Good job guys!!..The right persons for the one for the brand image!! Kudos & outstanding representation.Proud of u all!!!
Hope I am not that bad.
We got ben (the 13 years old aust kid) to join us tml.. DO make him feels like a home.. Big Grin
yeah louis i saw it already LOL ! paiseh man shite !