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Full Version: Manutsg Chalet 2007 (Discussion)
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Everyone I see in crabshack on Saturday.. better gime $15! Smile
Dear all!

For all those that have paid the $$ to markie thanks for your co -operation! THe committee would like to say a big thank you for ur participation.

If there is anyone out there who wants to join but is shy, do drop us a pm or msn anyone of us. We would welcome anyone be it if they are registered members in this forum or friends. We welcome anyone to be a part of this big happy family.

We will be having futsal in the afternoon 3-5PM and the usual BBQ in the evening...
as much as i wish to come for this party....
sorry all.. i am on duty that night...
as i am in retail line.. now is the most busy period.. kanna arrow to shop and sian man....
Have to withdraw due to last min duty so sorry guys
you guys will be missed....
Guys, you guys intend to watch the Goons vs. Spurs match on Sat evening? I know there's a pub or something nearby the chalet that screens the match, but not too sure about that. I think KO is something like 8:30pm.

i highly doubt so merv..
cos no point wasting our time watching gooners matches when we can enjoy ourselves thoroughly over at the chalet drinking and bbq-ing the food with our fellow utd brothers..
I can't be bothered with Arsenal games.
I just want to catch good football. Especially a fierce derby coming up.

Yeah well we gonna have too much fun to even be bothered man. Trust me on that.
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