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Full Version: Manutsg Chalet 2007 (Discussion)
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Pastor, wht's your definition of Ample figure? Smile

[Image: 2181472559_3e19edbb98_o.jpg]

*very evil grin*
Pastor... the edited photo (without the head) quite deceiving... Big Grin

Come to think of it.. ample indeed... hee hee..
"She" looks like (s)he was helping to prop up hisher figure Big Grin

OK OK I better stop, better don't so gay in here, skully got other gayboys here get wrong idea (e.g. MOTM stars?? Big Grin)

Yea Pastor.. we better get a hold of ourselves... Big Grin

But... i must say.. a picture speaks a thousand words... let their imagination run wildddd.. Big Grin
It just so happens that I have a lot of information on this topic. I will share them later.
It just so happens you are another spambot in action!
Wah .. didnt know we got a chalet b4 ..

probably the only video we have from that chalet..
Yes ah, if its 2 nights, then we and books on Saturday, in the book .... ΓΌ Monday morning to tell me how many here are willing to leave on Monday? ? ? I doubt anyone here would do Wai .... I save my oxytocin trip! So enough for one night .... its a book, then go back home to sleep time, until we all just drink and party.
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