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Full Version: Congrats to Man United for winning 18th Title
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Yes! Finally won it at OT and I am really proud of the team. Let's go win the 4th Champions league against Barca!

Glory Glory Man United.
Benitez: it's over...yeah it's over for RiverFools...
Gerrard: should i go kissing Man Utd a**??

Glory Glory Man Utd!!! Ole Ole Ole~~~ champione~~ champione ~!!
Not the best game... and I think that is arguably the worst they play all season... but hey, anything to seal the title right?

And winning it at Old Trafford sure is sweet. Champions!!
how r we gonna celebrate? Big Grin
(05-16-2009, 11:45 PM)Omega74 Wrote: [ -> ]how r we gonna celebrate? Big Grin

What do u propose?

If you wanna go crazy, click the over link Big Grin
Who cares how we played today as long as we won today.Smile

Next stop, Champions League final.Big Grin
congrats! (: just a great feeling! weee!
any bus top celebration like last season?
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