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Double celebrations on the open top bus!
05-23-2008, 10:54 AM,
Double celebrations on the open top bus!
The famous Manchester United have won the double! After 9 long years of wait, we can finally be called the Kings of Europe once again. Fans all over the world are spilling on to the streets going wild in celebration! There are thousands or fans making their way back to the UK for more rounds of celebrations. Probably even more parties with the weekends round the corner!

During this time, the events team have been frantically working our socks off to arrange a celebration big enough for the clubs members and fans! It was mention on CNA that we will be doing an open top bus celebration should we clinch the double! I am very proud to say that we have made arrangement for this celebration and we are going to paint the town red!

The cost of booking an open top bus is $500 for 2 hours. ($250/hr min 2hrs booking) The open top bus can hold up to 50 pax but we are thinking of capping it at 45 pax so that we got a bit of playing space) and we will be splitting the cost among all those joining us. Refreshments will be arranged for everyone. (about $11 per pax if we can hit the 45 pax target)
The events team will be teaching songs and cheers and we will be going round Singapore (not just down orchard road) singing and cheering!

I hope this price is comfortable for everyone. It is even more expensive to watch a movie on a weekend! And u don’t get entertainment for a full 120 min!!!!

I appeal to anyone whose company/ employer wished to sponsor this event to contact me! For such an event, the press coverage will be HUGE!!!!!!!!

Date: 31 May 2008 (sat)
Time: Meet 10.00 (will be booking the 11am slot)
Venue: Hippo tour ticket stall at Suntech
I appeal to everyone who put their name down to PM me their contact number so that we can ensure that there will no one will put us airplane at the last min!)

Due to the limited space, Do put your name down fast! :scarf

1. EMU 07
2. Caleb
3. Glenn
4. Ivan
We bleed the red..... the red of Manchester!

[Image: dawfwa.jpg]

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Double celebrations on the open top bus! - by EMU07 - 05-23-2008, 10:54 AM

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