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Simple rules to follow
05-08-2007, 04:06 PM,
Simple rules to follow
Please note if ANY of these rules are broken it may result in you being yellow carded or red carded (banned) so please ensure you are aware of and conform to all the rules.

1. While we all have opinions, please keep your posts polite and friendly. Be respectful of others opinions even if you don't agree - We will not tolerate spamming or flaming or even insulting.

2. Posts relating to illegal topics, pornography etc. will not be tolerated.

3. You may not ever represent yourself as another person, company or entity.

4. We have a word censor in place to avoid having curse words used. DO NOT out-smart the censor by putting a space or a dash in words that you think may be censored. Please note that we try to keep the list of censored words as short as possible and expect members to keep profanity to a minimum to keep it that way.

5. For commercial sellers, please consult the admininistrator and give us your proposal, like discounts and benefits. Until upon approval may you be able to post your advertisements. As long as it's a business and you are selling it continuously, it is consider commercial.

6. Users agree not to use the email addresses of any members of the forum for any other purpose than individual personal communication. Any mailing in bulk to the forum members or any unsolicited marketing email to members will result in immediate suspension of your membership.

7. If a post does get out of hand and rules have been broken, the post may be locked, deleted/edited or move to the admin area to prevent any flaming or cursing to continue.

8. Please notify a moderator if you feel there is a problem with a thread or a member. Do not try to take matters into your own hands.

9. We do not endorse fundraising for individuals on this site and we do not want the site utilized to aid collecting funds - This is to protect individuals from fraudulant members. We all think we know each other and trust each other but this is the Internet and it is very easy to take advantage of people.

10 If you are permenantly leaving the forum of your own free will and post a goodbye thread - please be advised that your membership will be deactivated immediately.

11. You cannot post anything defamatory about any people/business/shop/organization/ and mention their names in your posts. Remember you can be sued for defamatory posts made in this forum.
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