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Manutdsg Chalet 2007 (Administrative Thread)
12-01-2007, 09:31 PM,
Manutdsg Chalet 2007 (Administrative Thread)
Hello Brudders.

As the chalet date is drawing near, we will have to settle some administrative issue so that when 22nd December comes, the chalet will be a blast! :scarf

After serious (really serious) discussion, the events team has decided that everyone coming should pay a flat fee of $15 instead of the original plan of dividing the paying parties into those that plan to stay over and those that are not. The reason behind this decision is that we wouldn't want a situation whereby e.g. Glenn only pays for BBQ and then during the event itself, he decided that he is enjoying so much that he decided to stay over.... ok I think you got my drift. Big Grin

The money collected will only go into paying of 2 things. The Chalet itself and the BBQ food. Other miscellanceous stuffs such as Futsol or your riding the bicycle... you all pay yourself separately. ok!

As our dear treasurer Gabriel is busy. I will be coordinating the collection of the money on his behalf. So those people who had indicated their interest earlier, I will be collecting payment from you. You will receive soon a private msg from me, giving you details of payment procedures

Last guy to pay owes the whole team 2 bottles of Martel!

*Names in Red paid already
1. Brooklyn
2. MerV
3. TheChilde
4. glennwg
5. talking-devils
6. Mark
7. fieryhot
8. Slash56
9. Devvic
10. DeVi|_FaT
11. dregan2000 aka Regan
12. prodigalson
13. xjasonz
14. KaL-L
15. EpiC2z
16. Stanlgk
17. Caleb
18. ManUtdET
19. Uncle Chan
20. Jerome
21. Louis
22. Shuan aka sugar daddy
23. Giggys
24. Insomanic
25. vidicIsSupeman (TBC)
26. LeftbackChamp

Another point to note. You all are invited to bring your family, gf, bf, gay friends along. Lets make this a big family outing! Good chance to know the significant others of my fellow brudder too eh! I guess I would not be expecting them to pay. There should be enough food to go around. I am sure all of us are not so petty and calculative to raise a point where...ONLY THOSE WHO PAID CAN EAT THE FOOD!

Lastly, as this is suppose to be a christmas party. We would like some exchange of Xmas gifts. The events team is suggesting that EVERYONE that comes for the chalet to bring with him/her one present (budget under $10.. please wrap the present!). Only gifts under $10 is allowed, so use your creative juices to come up with the best xmas present using this budget! We will do a present exchange ideally at about 9-10 pm! Maybe under a Xmas Tree!

All right, thats all! :cheer

P/S: I will be keeping this thread open, soley for the purpose of allowing more interested parties to put their names in. Discussion of the chalet, please do so in the discussion thread. Thanks!
12-17-2007, 03:05 AM,
RE: Manutdsg Chalet 2007 (Administrative Thread)
Gentle Reminder to all to remember to bring along a Xmas present for the gift exchange this Saturday.

All those who come must bring ok! So yes! Even little Clarah!
If you need a guage, the present should be roughly about $10!

Cheers! :scarf
12-19-2007, 03:25 PM,
RE: Manutdsg Chalet 2007 (Administrative Thread)
[Image: christmasparty.jpg]
[Image: cekebration.gif]
12-19-2007, 10:35 PM,
RE: Manutdsg Chalet 2007 (Administrative Thread)
hey guys n gals..dennis here..can't make it this sat for the xmas party..thanks for the invite..gotto be in camp for man...ya all enjoy yaself n toast to the victory of the scousers..yeah

glory man utd
[Image: MyUnitedJerseys.gif]

my latest collections =)
12-21-2007, 06:48 PM,
RE: Manutdsg Chalet 2007 (Administrative Thread)
[Image: bbq2.jpg]
12-21-2007, 06:50 PM,
RE: Manutdsg Chalet 2007 (Administrative Thread)
Bring a few bottles of Chipotle Tabasco Sauce. BBQ's are nothing without it.
ONLY Mr Potato Head says "Is we there yet"
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12-25-2007, 06:16 AM,
RE: Manutdsg Chalet 2007 (Administrative Thread)
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