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Gentle Reminder: Forum Ettiquette & Basic Principles
10-30-2008, 12:09 AM,
Gentle Reminder: Forum Ettiquette & Basic Principles
Hi everyone,

As we embark on Week 10 of the new season, we are proud to say that the ManUtdSG Forum, in its 15th month of operation is currently welcoming more than 2,000 members to a variety of discussion topics daily!

While it is very encouraging to see so many new members visiting the site, it is also necessary to remind everyone of the basic forum etiquette that covers several topics and guiding principles, such as spamming, and insensitive remarks, etc. Even if you have been on the forum since Day 1, we encourage you to take a moment and refresh your knowledge on the "Newbie Guide" section about these basic tips to a great forum experience.

With such intense forum activity comes inevitable challenges, such as difference in opinions and the occasional inappropriate use of the forum platform. Our motto remains to be focused on creating a fun environment where all supporters can come and exchange information and opinion regarding all things United (and football). However, we ask that all forum users/visitors continue to remind themselves to be responsible and respectful with comments and sentiments. We all love football, and all have great insights about the beautiful game to share, but it is important to think about the purpose of this forum as a place where we celebrate one of the greatest football team in the world, and what it takes to maintain a platform where everyone feels respected and heard. Very simply, think about what some of the comments make others feel if they might be perceived as being too strong or extreme. Smile

Our forum administrator adheres to a set of guidelines before making any decision to carry out a ban (sometimes temporary just for imposing a cool-off period), and this is never an easy decision. To avoid unpleasant scenarios like these, let’s all make a conscious effort to keep the conversations healthy, and continue to voice our support for the best football club in the world!

We look forward to seeing everyone this weekend for the match against Hull, we need to bring back the singing so bring those strong voices and strepsils (or whatever liang teh you might need! ;-)

We welcome any comments or thoughts you might have so keep those feedback coming!

Thank you for your attention, and best regards,

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