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Marquee : No Outside food or drinks allow
11-16-2008, 08:00 PM,
Marquee : No Outside food or drinks allow
Dear Members,

Please be aware that outside food and drinks are strictly disallow in marquee. We hope you guys can cooperate with us on this because it doesn't look good to our very own club and fans when you hog the tables and seats but refuse to order any food or drinks. It has also come to our attention that some were spotted bringing their own water bottle. IMO this is not very nice at all, if you do not wanna spend, we can't force you on that but please give up your seats to the others who are willing to spend on their food and drinks.

From a business point of view I hope you guys know where we are coming from. Marquee is running a business and is kind to let us have the place we can call our own but please also know how it will affect their business when you are not a spending customer hogging their tables and chairs.

Please be inform that from the very next match onwards, those who are found with outside food and drinks will be ask politely to leave the food and drinks outside the premises and order a drink or food from their menu. I feel it's only fair if you wanna watch the match comfortably there and at the same time spend some money on their food and drinks. It's a pain for them to have to ask you to do that but if everyone starts to do that then I dont think any premises will welcome football fans like us who are not helping their business. Remember they are running a business and not a charity organisation.

So let us all do our part and not give MANUTDSG and Man Utd fans in general a bad reputation.

Thank you.
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