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Ticket to July match in KL
05-24-2009, 01:55 AM,
RE: Ticket to July match in KL

Some of you nearer to the bottom of the list has PM'ed me to know if there are enough tickets for you. Now, we can't tell as we don't know how many of you in the list have already gotten your own tickets.

Here is what we can do. Only for those who have listed down their names in the list, please PM me with the confirmed number of tickets that you need from us.

Please note that we only have the RM98 tickets.

Please do so ASAP by Sunday evening.

Love United Hate Glazers
05-24-2009, 10:59 AM,
RE: Ticket to July match in KL

I trust that since most of you are serious supporters, so serious that you would take leave, take time off or whatever sacrifices to make the trip to KL to catch United, there's no reason why you wouldn't be at the Marquee to catch the final this Thursday morning?! Right?

So for those who are getting the tickets from us, please collect them from us at Marquee this Thursday morning. If however, you cannot make it, please arrange a friend to collect it from us then. That way we can get the tickets all settled by then and everyone is happy and look forward to a great United time in July!

PM me if you have any enquiries.

Thanks for your patience.
Love United Hate Glazers
05-26-2009, 11:07 AM,
RE: Ticket to July match in KL
Latest Update-Tuesday 26/5

We have PM'ed everyone on the list to check if they still
want the tickets. There are some who have not gotten back
to us.

If your nick is on the list, please let us know if you still
want the tickets because there are others not in the list
who also want the tickets.

We will release to them by end of today if we don't hear
from you.

Also, it will now be first come, first serve basis until
there are no more tickets left. After that we will not be
entertaining any more requests for tickets. You will have
to find ways to get them yourself.


P.S The tickets are the RM98 ones with training passes.

P.S.S You can also consider the Man Utd Cafe Deal
Love United Hate Glazers
05-27-2009, 10:50 AM,
RE: Ticket to July match in KL
Latest Update - 27 May 2009

Tickets all fully allocated. For those who still want it, apologies
we don't have any more stock. You can try to get them from JB.

Otherwise you can also consider the Man Utd Cafe deal that
will do everything for you.
Love United Hate Glazers

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