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Banning of forum user (joro)
08-23-2009, 01:54 AM,
Banning of forum user (joro)
Dear All ManUtdSG Members,

Following numerous negative feedback/complaints from members, we regret to inform that, after much consideration we have decided to impose the ban hammer on one of our members, joro.

Now for the reasons:
  • Multiple feedbacks for being a poor seller.
  • Sales of items via Private Messages which is not allowed.
  • Proceeding to add items over the $100 limit without approval causing confusion and misleading of members.
  • Failure to come clean about wrong badges / NNs during Sale of kits to members leading to deception for own profits.

Please also take note that the user will be awarded a PERMANENT ban from the ManUtdSG Forum.

We would like to stress on the importance of adhering to the various Rules and Regulations to prevent such future incidents from happening again. All of us here can be considered Brothers and Sisters as we are all fans of the great Manchester United. Once again, the Committee deeply express its regret for the ban imposed.

Lastly, ManUtdSG hopes that her members will continue to support and enjoy the time spent here with the rest of the Big Family.

Thanks & Best Regards,
on behalf of ManUtdSG Committee
[Image: solskjaerwt0.png?t=1289975359]

Goodbye 20LEGEND Ole Gunnar Solskjær

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